Business Reports

A business report is a standard form of business communication that combines qualitative and quantitative information in a logical format, serving as critical corporate documentation. Business reports present information-based views of the enterprise to appropriate audiences and can be automatically individualized for each user.

Business reports:

  • Assess business performance, provide a quick status check, and monitor progress towards the strategic goals of the business
  • Summarize key business indicators by presenting them in visually intuitive charts and graphs, easy-to-read grids and spreadsheets, pixel-perfect documents, and interactive dashboards and scorecards.
  • Use statistics – such as key performance indicators and financial ratios – to present key business metrics
  • Access data online or offline through various means of communication (by Web; e-mail; mobile device; desktop application; Microsoft® Office application – Excel, Word, PowerPoint; file server; or printer)

Business Reports Using MicroStrategy

With MicroStrategy, Business Users, IT Professionals, and Executives create and access a full range of business reports that meet all reporting requirements – from classic enterprise reports to dashboard or scorecard solutions. MicroStrategy creates and delivers boardroom-quality business reports. The intuitive design layout empowers users to access, create, edit, and analyze business reports, such as operational reports, performance reports, and strategic reports.

Users Can Easily Develop their Own Business Reports

Dashboards and Scorecards provide an illustrative representation of business performance across the entire organization.

Enterprise Reports are boardroom quality business reports that are optimized for on-screen viewing and drillable to detailed or related information.

Features of MicroStrategy Business Reports:

  • Customized. Delivers unique report content by filtering out unnecessary data.
  • Personalized: Creates multiple variations of a single business report with different user views based on role and group affiliation.
  • Interactive: Utilizes prompting, drilling, drag-and-drop interactivity to provide access to all data across the enterprise — including relational databases, cube databases, flat files, and many operational databases.
  • Multi-Lingual: Delivers reports translated into one of 12 different languages (available out of the box); can also translate the user interface to provide local language versions of menu bars, folders, attributes, metrics, character sets, currency formats, time, and date formats.
  • Available across user-groups and user-communities: Delivers report information or report access to as many end users as required — from individuals in the organization, to partners, customers, and prospective customers.
  • Mobile, offline, and remote access. Enables large-volume report distribution for offline analysis, remote access, and subscription based delivery.

Learn More about Business Reports

  • Chapter 3 in An Architecture for Enterprise Business Intelligence offers further insights on building Business Reports through MicroStrategy Report Services. This 367-page document is an outstanding complimentary resource to help CIOs, IT professionals, business managers, and academics understand, appreciate, and evaluate enterprise-class business intelligence software.
  • Find out more about creating business reports using MicroStrategy Report Services, as well as a detailed list of the product’s features and benefits.
  • Learn more about Enterprise Reporting, part of the 5 Styles of Business Intelligence.
  • Sign up for a complimentary Introduction to Business Intelligence class, to learn how to create business reports using the MicroStrategy platform.

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